Summer heat is great for your trip to the beach, but less so for keeping up the lush, green lawn you work all year to maintain. Purple Care has your lawn in mind, offering the best tips on keeping your yard looking its best even in the blazing sun. Don’t settle for dry, patchy, summer grass; follow these summer watering tips to help keep your lawn looking fresh.

Water in the Morning

There’s no better time to water your lawn than in the morning. Less wind means water stays put and cooler temps mean less will evaporate. Together, this ensures more water will penetrate directly into the soil. Your lawn needs about an inch of water to stay looking fresh, so be sure to rise early to water!

Use a Water Gauge

You’ll want to know exactly how much water your lawn is getting, and a water gauge takes the guesswork out of lawn care, making sure your lawn gets that daily inch of water. A two in one water gauge measures rainfall as well as the water you add, so you know exactly how much water your lawn is getting. Remember, it needs one inch to stay healthy and green!

Consistency is Key

An automatic water timer ensures your lawn is getting constant, around-the-clock care, with less effort for you! Pair your water timer with an electronic sprinkler system and you’ve got a no-fuss gorgeous lawn. There are sprinklers suited for every lawn type, depending on size, shape, and state of your lawn. Our lawn experts will make sure you get the sprinkler system right for you!

Lawn treatment is a year-round battle, but can be especially tricky in the summer heat. We have you covered when it comes to keeping your lawn fresh, green, luxurious and the best looking on your block.

Remember our three water tips to help with the keeping your lawn green.

  • Water early
  • Use a gauge
  • Invest in a sprinkler system

You can count on lawn services in Fort Worth, TX to care for your yard as if it was our own! Stay cool this summer, and have the neighborhood green with envy! Call us at (817) 880-6052 and we’ll be happy to describe the advantages of choosing Purple Care as your lawn care provider!