The task of selling a home has a goal of getting the best possible price for a home. However, one of the most overlooked areas in the sprucing up that takes place is in making sure that the lawn care for your home is impeccable.

The argument against such a consideration is that people aren’t going to be living in the yard, so there’s little reason to focus on proper landscaping. Nothing could be further from the truth, since an individual’s memory of a potential new home will likely be dominated by what their first impression was when they checked out the residence.

Curb Appeal is Important: That narrow approach neglects important areas like the lawn, bushes on the property, trees and their byproduct that requires annual raking, leaves. For those with busy lives, handling just one of these on a weekly or regular basis can become burdensome, but adding on the additional tasks only adds to the problem.

Tending the Lawn

Living in Texas, every homeowner knows how relentless the hot sun can be over the course of an entire summer. While individuals can avoid much of that hassle with air conditioning, a lawn must deal daily with that torrid sunshine.

Day after day of sun and heat can devastate a lawn, turning what was once a beautiful lush green into an unappealing brownish color that serves as a turn-off to any potential home buyer.

Simply cutting the lawn, frequent watering, the application of fertilizer to invigorate the lawn and attention to such things as edging are all tasks that take time away from family, which is why hiring a lawn care company is an easy solution.

In addition, knowing such things as how low to cut the grass, how much water and fertilizer to disperse and eliminating any weeds that crop up are things best handled by experts in the lawn care field.

Other Key Factors

While there’s nothing wrong with having an area outside a home that consists of only a lawn, a bigger pay off is possible when the For Sale sign goes up on that lawn.

The presence of regularly trimmed bushes or a tree is something that gives a home a welcoming atmosphere. Too often, though, trimming that tree can be either dangerous or beyond the scope of a homeowner. In some situations, that tree may need to be removed, a complication that lawn care companies handle on a regular basis.

Selling in the latter months of the year means that leaves will fall on a lawn. Any potential buyer gets an immediate negative impression when seeing an unkempt lawn, which colors their perceptions about what to expect inside.

A home is most likely the biggest investment a person or family will make during their lifetime, so it makes sense to protect that investment. The adage, “You have to spend money to make money,” is an apt description of why there’s tremendous value in employing a lawn care company to handle these necessary duties.

Considering the average home with good lawn care sees a 12 percent higher selling price and sells weeks earlier than other homes for sale, the price is always right in trusting such duties to a company like Purple Care. Give us a call today to get things started.