Lawn diseases, pest infestations, and watering issues are often the culprits behind brown and weak lawns in Texas. Brown patch, gray leaf spot, and take-all root rot are common fungal diseases that cause extensive damage and can even lead to its demise. Pests like grubs, chinch bugs, and armyworms inflict different injuries on your turf, targeting either the roots or the grass blades. Improper watering is also a common issue for lawns and can cause dehydration. These issues can look similar, and misdiagnosis is a real possibility if you try to treat it yourself. If your lawn is affected by any of these, you should hire a professional lawn care team to diagnose and treat it.

Fungal Diseases Can Quickly Damage & Hinder the Health of Your Grass

Fungal diseases are common issues for lawns in Texas. These infections are a massive threat to your lawn's health because they can occur any time of the year, inflicting extensive damage in a couple of days to weeks! Here are some common turf diseases that you need to watch out for:

  • Brown Patch: This lawn disease appears as circular or irregularly shaped patches of brown grass on your turf that can range from a few inches to several feet in diameter.
  • Gray Leaf Spot: This disease thrives when the weather is warm and humid. If your grass blades have small, blighted spots that eventually get bigger, it's likely suffering from gray leaf spot.
  • Take-All Root Rot: Take-all root rot is another widespread lawn disease in Texas that can kill your entire lawn. Affected areas start with yellowing grass blades that will eventually become brown and create large, irregularly shaped patches on your turf. The roots of your grass will also be dark brown or black and look rotten!

Various pests in Texas cause extensive lawn damage in a short amount of time.

Insect infestations are another common issue that lawns in Texas struggle with. Lawn pests will catch you off guard because your grass can go from healthy and green to weak and brown in a matter of 72 hours! Grubs, chinch bugs, and armyworms are some of the most prolific insects that can infest. Grubs are problematic beetle larvae that feed on your turf's roots and leave it unattached to the soil, while chinch bugs suck out the juices from your grass blades. Meanwhile, armyworms skeletonize your lawn by munching on the grass blades. Without prompt intervention, these insects can quickly destroy your lawn in a short amount of time.

Poor watering practices can dehydrate your grass.

With the scorching heat in Texas, sufficient hydration is crucial to maintaining healthy grass. Unfortunately, improper watering is a common issue that makes lawns struggle and become dehydrated. If your grass is dehydrated, the blades will turn brown and wilt at the tip. It'll also grow slowly and have a lasting imprint even long after you've stepped on it. Ideally, water should reach the roots to prevent dehydration. When you follow good watering practices, your grass will have enough to remain green and lush!

What should you do about these lawn issues?

Lawn diseases, insects, and dehydration can look similar, and it's easy to make the wrong diagnosis if you have no knowledge about lawn care. Never try to treat your lawn yourself because you might end up applying an insecticide for a fungal disease or when it just needs water, and vice versa. The best thing to do if your lawn is struggling is to hire a professional lawn care team. They'll have the expertise to correctly diagnose the issue and provide proper and prompt treatment. Pros can also test the soil to confirm if your grass is getting enough water or if its poor health is caused by something else. With the correct diagnosis, they can provide it with the appropriate remedy and help it recover from any damage.

Professionals can recommend a lawn care plan tailored to the specific needs of your lawn to ensure it stays healthy year-round.

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