When our clients in Colleyville, TX, reached out to us, they were looking to transform their outdoor living space so they could use it to entertain their friends and family. While their backyard had an ample amount of space, it was a blank canvas that needed a lot of work to make it a great entertainment area. After discussing their goals with them, we settled on a variety of projects that we would complete to make their backyard the ideal place to host gatherings. First, we installed an outdoor kitchen in their backyard and then extended the roofline of their garage so that it would provide shade to their outdoor kitchen area. After that, we moved onto their lawn, where we installed a retaining wall to level out the slope and then installed sod to enhance its beauty. After that, we installed a walkway that led down to a patio that we installed and finished the project by adding a shade garden next to their patio area.

The first step of this project was to install an outdoor kitchen and then extend the roofline of their garage to provide shade.

Our clients have a large family and a lot of friends, and they love hosting gatherings, so they wanted an outdoor kitchen installed on their property so that they could host outdoor gatherings and prepare meals. We installed a large outdoor kitchen using lueder stone that our clients picked out themselves. We made sure that there was plenty of counter space so they could have a buffet-style setup whenever they wanted. After the kitchen was finished, we extended the roofline of their garage so that it covered the outdoor kitchen, allowing them to have some reprieve from the sun during the hot summer days that we experience here in Texas.

We can create a 2D or 3D design rendering of projects to provide a preview of how they will look when they're finished.

We installed a retaining wall that doubled as a seating wall and then installed St. Augustine sod on their lawn.

Because our clients' backyard was on a slope, we needed to install a retaining wall to level out their yard to make it more usable. We used lueder stone for their new retaining wall and it leveled out their lawn nicely so they could get more use out of it. We designed this retaining wall to be at the proper height so that it could double as a seating wall, that way they would have plenty of seating room for their guests when hosting events. After that, we installed St. Augustine sod on their lawn to enhance its beauty and give it a lush, green appearance.

The final steps of this project were to install a walkway, patio, and shade garden.

When our clients first came to us, they had a very small patio that was just outside of their backdoor. However, they wanted a larger patio that would be perfect for spending time with friends and family, so we made it happen! First, we installed a walkway that would connect to their new patio area. Then, we installed a large patio using high-quality flagstone. The end result was a beautiful, durable patio that was big enough to accommodate many people at once. The last step of this project was to install a shade garden that we filled with plants that thrive in shaded areas. We did this because the large trees that were on their property didn't allow much sunlight through.

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