Maybe you’ve seen the billboards, maybe you’ve seen the trucks… It’s time to finally share the news: We’ve rebranded from Xtreme Lawn Care to Purple Care.

As we continue to grow our business and expand our focus, our old look and name no longer served our purposes.

The number-one reason why? Because we’re more than just lawn care, and our old name didn’t communicate that. We’re a full-service lawn, tree, landscape, and pest control juggernaut. We have the capacity to work on both residential and commercial properties.

And we want to mark this new chapter of our business with a bold new look, feel, and attitude to let Fort Worth know we’re the premier choice for commercial and residential tree, landscape, and pest control services in North Texas.

Our Purpose

Another key reason for rebranding was to clearly define our purpose as a brand and in the greater Fort Worth community. We are here to create stronger, harder-working, friendlier, more beautiful communities… from the ground up.

We value hard work and well-being, and we want to stand out from the crowd. As Xtreme Lawn Care, we built a reputation. But as Purple Care, we want to be the first, last, and only place North Texas thinks of when for creating healthier, more comfortable homes.

Our Presence

We strive to connect the community through cleaner, safer homes, yards, and businesses. We want our relationships with our clients to feel personalized and trustworthy. We want to serve as a protector of the beauty and integrity of North Texas and everyone here.

Our trucks will become synonymous with quality and care throughout the county. That purple might beg questions starting out, but we’re looking forward to answering them. Which leads us to…

Why The Gorilla?

Why not? We call him Puck, and he’s a symbol of majesty, strength, and harmony in nature. He’s a gentle protector, but one nobody in their right mind will mess with.

Nobody likes an angry gorilla, right?

But he’s smart, and he knows his way in the natural world. So do we. We want to bring that same strength, compassion, and know-how to every job we do.

Want to know more? Give us a call at (817) 880-6052 or drop us an email at!