Seeking a pleasant immaculate lawn takes a lot of work and involves a lot of activities besides mowing. Even though it is possible to take care of your lawn by yourself, sometimes you need to hire a good lawn care company for that extra touch.

Nowadays there are some people and businesses masquerading as good lawn care experts only to turn out to be scammers. Therefore, you need to be careful enough when choosing by asking them the questions below.

1. How long has your company been in operation?

Most Fort Worth lawn care companies that have been around for over five years and the chances are that they are reliable. Enterprises that have been around for less than a month should be the first to raise suspicion, and you should be very keen when dealing with them.

They could be fly-by-night operators who will run the moment you have given them your money. Some of them can’t even do lawn aeration. You need to check if the company has a good reputation with your neighbors and the area at large to avoid poor quality service on your lawn.

2. Is your company insured?

Fort Worth landscape service providers should at least carry general liability insurance in case something goes wrong while on duty. Their insurance should also cover property and worker compensation in the event an employee has an accident and cannot finish the job or pay the medical bills. The policy can also be crucial in the event the company uses destructive chemicals that can harm people and the environment.

3. Are you a standard charge or phone quoting company?

These companies cite relatively lower prices to lure you into signing with them, and once you have done that, they come up with cunning ways to charge you for additional services, which are not even necessary. To avoid this, all you need to do is insist that they come and inspect your premises and make a detailed list of the services they recommend and the charges broken down according to the respective service provided. Almost similar to this are those door-to-door solicitors who use high-pressure sales tactics and frequently predicated on urgency. For example, some of them might tell you “your gutters are clogged and need immediate attention.”

4. Is your company a member of a professional lawn care group?

To avoid scammers, you need to inquire if the business is licensed in the state or certified by a local, state or national association. The national association of landscape services recommends and also points out the need for every lawn care company to get a license as required by the state laws. Also, check out the business with BBB and online, which provides relevant background data on business such as how they have handled complaints and if they are in business.

5. Can I pay by credit card?

If possible, use a credit card as a method of payment so that in the case of a dispute between you and a scammer, your credit card issuer can be an advocate for you. Most reputable and trustworthy lawn companies offer credit card services.

Fort Worth landscaping can only be better if we have the right companies with qualified personnel and tools to offer excellent services. Purple Care is a diligent company with the right equipment and skilled personnel who ensures your lawn is always at its best state. You will notice our purple trucks the moment they arrive at your home.