Have you every wondered why golf courses do it several times a year? Did you know that optimum depth depends on the lay of your land?

Core lawn aeration keeps the links green and your yard beautiful, but it takes a professional service to operate the precision equipment and customize the processes that make this type of maintenance successful.

That landscape outside your home or office building holds its own through long, hot summers. It spends winter quietly waiting for spring to bring it back to life. It can’t stay healthy if it can’t eat, drink or breathe.

Lawns here in north Texas don’t enjoy the rich soil that keeps Hill Country yards lush and green. Our compacted clay presents a challenge to turf that wants to break through thatch and soak up the fresh air. Aerating sets grass free to take in nutrients, absorb water and process oxygen.

It gives the root system plenty of muscle to fend off pests, disease and the wear and tear of busy family foot traffic. Best of all, our Purple Care lawn aeration cultivates your grass into a soft, green carpet that bare feet love and neighbors envy.