When it looks like winter outside, there are still many Fort Worth lawn services your landscape needs. Although some of the tasks can be done by the property owners, others that involve heavy digging will need to be completed by landscaping pros.

To get a better idea of why preparing your lawn for spring begins before everything is in full bloom, check out the details below.

Take Care Of Your Lawn Before Spring

Fort Worth lawn care costs far less when the landscaping is prepared in advance of the growing season. This generally involves tasks such as aerating the lawn with the appropriate tools as well as de-thatching the grass with a rake.

Turning the compost heap or removing dead plants and leaves is another service that is often employed before spring is blossoming. On top of this, there are many tasks that are done best if they take place before the middle of spring.

Extra Lawn Projects

Have you considered adding new concrete and masonry to the outdoors, but do not know the best time to get this project completed?

Before it is time to officially schedule your Fort Worth lawn treatment, you can save money in the long-term by installing stonework, tile, or concrete to the outside of your property.

For example, when it is winter, the concrete does not have enough drying time to set properly. In the late spring, summer and fall, most property owners do not want to have plants they have recently planted to get uprooted for new concrete.

For these reasons, in a way that does not conflict with installing new masonry to the landscape.

DIY Tasks To Avoid

There are several ways that homeowners or property owners can get involved with their lawns, and growing a sustainable potted vegetable garden or building a straw bale garden usually does not require professional landscaping assistance.

However, before a property owner starts cutting into the earth with a shovel, professional assistance is necessary to avoid disrupting underground utilities.

This can include cutting flowerbeds or chasing after pests like moles. Along with bursting a pipe that leads to your home that involves costly cleanup, the other hazards include explosions from disrupting a gas line or electrocution from buried power wires.

Your landscaping and Your Foundation

Other tasks that could affect the foundation of your home or property significantly include erosion prevention and grading.

This involves redistributing water that comes from rain gutters so that it does not affect the foundation. Another job that is best to leave to Fort Worth lawn maintenance pros because of potential foundation issues are correcting or installing aquaponics.

This can include water features such as fountains. Due to the negative impact, it can have on the environment if used incorrectly, fertilizer should be distributed by a professional Fort Worth lawn maintenance team.

Let Us Help With Your Lawn Needs

At Xtreme Lawn Care in Fort Worth, Texas, we are far beyond the usual lawn mowing, landscaping maintenance, or turf removal and replacement service.

Instead, we are a full-service team that can address maintenance, makeovers and total renovations. From correcting erosion to grading problems, we have the right skills to get the lawn you need.

Contact us today to learn more about our lawn care services and how we can help you and your lawn.