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Fertilizers are all the same, right? Not quite. Most contain a mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in different proportions—and you need to know exactly what specific combination your lawn needs. Get it wrong, and you risk chemically burning your lawn. Application pattern and frequency matter, too. If you overlap, you might end up with uneven greening and growth. If you do it too frequently, you might see brown instead of green.

At Purple Care, we have over 30 years of experience fertilizing lawns in Fort Worth, and we understand the specific needs of grass in the region. While most fertilizers out there only feed your turf, ours also enrich your soil, making everything thrive and grow at a healthy rate. Well cared for soil allows your grass to better defend itself against disease, drought, and other stresses that attack your lawn throughout the year. Our lawn care experts customize a unique blend of fertilizer, comprised of organic matter specifically tailored to amend your soil, and we guarantee it will last for years. Additionally, our fertilizers are renewable, reusable, and sustainable.

Get the healthy green lawn you’ve always wanted. Let our Purple Patrol customize a plan for you by calling (817) 369-3138 or contacting us online


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