Although it really isn’t all that difficult, having a lush, green, healthy-looking lawn does take some time and effort.

While you may be jealous of your neighbor’s perfect green grass, the truth is that your yard can easily become the envy of the neighborhood as long as you’re willing to work for it.

In this case, simply mowing your lawn once a week won’t cut it as there are a number of different steps you’ll need to follow to ensure that your lawn always looks it best.

4 Steps for Effective Lawn Care

You don’t have to have been born with a green thumb to grow a beautiful lawn. That being said, you do need to take lawn care seriously and be willing to put in the time, money and effort it takes to keep your grass green and healthy.

1. Regular Watering and Mowing

The first and most obvious step to growing a beautiful lawn is to make sure that you water and mow it regularly.

Depending on the temperature and amount of sun your lawn gets, you’ll usually want to water your lawn once a day—preferably either in the early morning or evening. In most cases, early morning is best as this ensures that your grass doesn’t stay too wet for too long.

In some cases, watering in the evening can potentially cause your grass to turn yellow or lead to the growth of fungus.

This is especially true when the water doesn’t drain properly, in which case it becomes incredibly easy to overwater.

Should your lawn not drain properly, you will want to consider hiring a Fort Worth landscaper to help fix your drainage issues as otherwise there’s a good chance your grass will suffer.

Mowing your lawn once or twice a week is also a necessity. Shorter grass requires less water and fewer nutrients, which generally means that shorter lawns tend to be healthier than longer grass.

2. Routine Lawn Maintenance

In addition to mowing, lawns should be raked periodically in order to remove any dead grass.

As well, leaf cleanup is also something you’ll want to do periodically throughout the fall.

Although dead leaf litter can provide some essential nutrients to the soil, dead leaves can also end up causing dead spots on your lawn should they stay in place for too long.

3. Fertilization

Although fertilizer isn’t always necessary depending on the type of soil and level of nutrients within it, lawns that receive an annual fertilizer treatment are generally much greener and healthier than those that go without.

Therefore, if you want your lawn to be the best in the neighborhood, you’ll need to fertilize.

4. Lawn Treatments

Fungus and diseases are a common source of lawn problems and, if left unchecked, they can quickly lead to dead spots or kill off the entire lawn.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to contact a Fort Worth lawn care company to schedule a yearly or bi-annual lawn treatment.

In some cases, it may also be necessary to use herbicides to kill off any weeds or other plants threatening to overtake your grass.

Lawn care generally isn’t all that difficult, but it does take time and energy.

Therefore, if you want your lawn to look the best it can, but don’t have the time to dedicate to the job, you’ll want to seek out the services of a professional lawn care expert like Purple Care.

Our experts serve the Arlington and Fort Worth areas and will do whatever it takes to keep your lawn looking its best.

If you want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood, contact Purple Care to see what we can do for you.