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Fall Planting Tips Oct 06, 2014

Fall Planting Tips

Now that the temperatures are cooling, it is easy to set aside thoughts of your yard and garden. However, fall is an important season to implement planting. There are a wide variety of fall...

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Weed Control in Texas Aug 22, 2014

Weed Control in Texas

Weed control in Fort Worth, TX can quickly get out of hand. On a year-to-year basis, there is no predicting where weeds and unwanted lawn growth will spring up. If you find yourself unable to perform ...

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Summer Watering Tips Jul 28, 2014

Summer Watering Tips

Summer heat is great for your trip to the beach, but less so for keeping up the lush, green lawn you work all year to maintain. Purple Care has your lawn in mind, offering the best tips on keeping your...

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Add Some Flare to Your Backyard Jun 27, 2014

Add Some Flare to Your Backyard

Is your backyard boring? Add some flare to your backyard with a few simple updates. By adding the proper outdoor lighting, landscaping, and outdoor furniture, you can create the perfect backyard...

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Infographic: Different Types of Lawn Weeds May 16, 2014

Infographic: Different Types of Lawn Weeds

Crabgrass Crabgrass in a type of lawn weed that begins to sprout in the late spring. It is very opportunistic and will grow anywhere where there is water sunlight, and bare soil. During the...

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The Tree of Texas Apr 07, 2014

The Tree of Texas

1919. In 1906, the governor of Texas, James Hogg, requested that a pecan tree be planted in lieu of a gravestone when he died. He also wished for the seeds to be distributed throughout the state so...

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Lawn Mower Tune-Up Tips Mar 19, 2014

Lawn Mower Tune-Up Tips

Just like your car, your lawn mower needs proper maintenance and attention to keep it running optimally. Here are seven tips on how to tune up your lawn mower to improve engine efficiency, reduce ...

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Purple Care – Serving All of Fort Worth Jan 03, 2014

Purple Care – Serving All of Fort Worth

Purple Care is a professional grounds maintenance and lawn care service in Arlington TX and serving the entire Fort Worth area. We take care of everything from: Basic Mowing Sprinkler...

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