Do You Want To See Your Lights From Space?

November 14, 2019 | By Matt Cook

Here are a few of our favorite movie clips for Holiday Lighting. Enjoy!

It’s That Time of Year Again!

You pull down the attic stairs and search in the deep recesses of your garage looking for last years lights. Only to find them wadded up in a pile from last year. Two hours later you have the lights unrolled and ready to go.

Now you are ready to install the lights!

You place your ladder precariously high above the sidewalk as you inch across the front of your house installing the lights. Hoping that no one is taking pictures of you and uploading them onto the OSHA Fail Site!

Four hours later you sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. All the while wondering what other things you could have done that would have been a better use of your time. Then after the holidays pass and you think “I should take down my lights.”

Months pass by and pretty soon March rolls around and it dawns on you that you have not taken down last year’s lights. Aren’t you tired of being the one that leaves their lights up well after January?

If any of this sounds familiar than you should give us a call and let us do the risky work of climbing on the roof. Read on for a few design tips and things to consider.

Size Matters

The C9’s are a full inch longer. This creates more light and a brighter presence from the street.

It’s cheaper for someone to install the C7’s but a real pro will use C9’s. The C9’s have a bigger impact.

By going with the larger bulb your lights will appear brighter and noticeably different from the street.


What is the best color to choose? Typically if you ask your kids they will almost always say they want multicolored lights. Most adults prefer solid colors.

This is not always the case but often I find that to be true. Keep is simple and elegant. I like to go with all one color or an alternating pattern such as a Candy Cane Pattern of Bright White and Red.

The “old school” lights from our childhood have a golden color to them that we call “Warm White”. The “Cool White” has a blue tint, while the “Bright White” is a described. The most common choices for Holiday lighting  can be a Warm White, or a Bright White. You will just need to pick the temperature you prefer.

Warm and Cool Christmas Lights

Power Savings

Before my career in Landscape Design, I would have my students take an inventory of the of the types of light bulbs in their house. I would then have them preform a calculation to determine how much electricity each bulb would use over the course of a year. As you can imagine the savings you gain by changing out all of your light bulbs to LED is staggering.

Once you do this side by side comparison you will have no doubt that LED bulbs are worth every penny. If you have not ever looked at the power requirements between the two bulbs it is worth your time and effort. Take a look at the link below if you really want to geek out on it.

We won’t tell anyone.

LED vs Regular Lightbulbs

LED’s sip electricity instead of guzzling power the way your dads truck guzzled gas.  Let’s face it this is an expensive time of year. Why not save a little bit on your electricity usage? See link for more detailed information on the cost comparison.

Why You Need A Professional

Please take a minute to answer the following survey questions:

  1. Got a steep roof?
  2. Got a bad back?
  3. Afraid of heights?
  4. Don’t want the money maker out on a dangerous ladder?
  5. Don’t have enough time?
  6. Are you out of ideas?

If you answered any of the questions above as a yes, please read on to find out how we can help.

Peace of Mind

If you want a hassle free Holiday experience leave it to us to help you out. Are you tired of risking your life to hang a few lights?

Are you tired of spending your valuable time untangling lights? Leave it to our team of experts to plan, install and take down the lights hassle free and no risk of an ambulance ride for you or your loved ones.

Our guys are insured and bonded and will get the job done quickly and safely.

  • We are insured while on our property
  • We have insurance on our guys to cover them
  • We have great ratings on Google and other sites
  • We get it done fast, and take them down fast
  • We take the risk while you sit back and relax

What Makes Purple Care Different

We have a team of trained designers that are up to date with the most current trends and techniques for lighting your home. We will come to your house and measure your roof and develop a plan to help you illuminate your space.

We can do anything from roof lines, ridge lines, wreaths, trees, 3D Objects, driveway lights, sidewalk lights and trees. The designer will then add a photo of your house with the locations of the lights clearly drawn.

Please keep in mind, when we meet it is helpful to our design team if you can tell us the look your going for and your budget.

We will send a dedicated team of installers with an eye for perfection to ensure that each light is perfectly straight and looks symmetrical.

Once we install the lights we will happily replace burned out bulbs within 72 business hours, and repair storm damage. We have a fleet of vehicles and teams of professional that cover the Western DFW area and we are only a phone call away.

Other companies can offer installation services, but can they maintain and offer the additional services we provide?

Will they answer the phone when you have a problem?

WE WILL. We will have a friendly voice on the line willing to offer help and solutions.

Larger Items That We Can Install

  • Hanging Spheres
  • Wreaths
  • LED Icicle Snowfall Lights
  • Lit Arches
  • Tree Lighting

Scroll though the images below for more information.

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What Do We Provide With Our Installation?

Lights will be in the color of your choice which includes the following:

  • C9 Lights
  • Timers
  • Clips
  • Extension cords
  • Install
  • Tear down (typically done after New year)
  • Storage until next year
  • We also cover the cost of any replacement lighting if lights burn out.

Next year you will receive a 20% discount if reinstalling lights, the following year you will receive an additional 10% discount if reinstalling lights. $800 minimum charge per season.

We are just a phone call away! If you need help with light design and selection give us a call and we will send a designer to your house to measure and create a plan for you.

All you will have to do is sit back and relax and let us work out in the elements and take all the risk of being on the ladder.




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